10th Hole
PontyPool Golf Course South Wales

The 10th Hole
A Par 4 with the Fairway Sloping Left

The 10th Hole requires a long and accurate drive keeping to the right of the fairway since the fairway slopes quite severely to the left. However don't slice your drive because there is a ditch on the right and long rough and trees along the right side of the fairway. The medium to long second shot into the green again needs to be kept right using the slope to end up on a long narrow green.

White Tee
374 yds
Par 4
Stroke Index 8

Yellow Tee
326 yds
Par 4
Stroke Index 8

Red Tee
317 yds
Par 4
Stroke Index 2

PGA Professional Leon Warne Says ...

"With a sloping fairway right to left its best to try and keep your drive up the right side. Your second shot requires good accuracy to a narrow long green. Anything left of the green leaves a difficult pitch."

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10th Hole last updated 9 Feb 2021

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