13th Hole
Pontypool Golf Course South Wales

The 13th Hole
A Downhill Par 5

The 13th Hole is a relatively easy downhill par 5 but stray and you are in trouble. Reachable in two depending on wind direction and ground conditions. Your second and third shots need to be very accurate as there is trouble either side. Bunkers left and right protect the green.

White Tee
518 yds
Par 5
Stroke Index 16

Yellow Tee
515 yds
Par 5
Stroke Index 16

Red Tee
512 yds
Par 5
Stroke Index 8

PGA Professional Leon Warne Says ...

"A downhill par 5 with a great view gives the longer hitter a chance to reach in two. This can also be a gamble as two solid straight shots are required. Miss left or right and you are in trouble."

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13th Hole last updated 9 Feb 2021

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