17th Hole
Pontypool Golf Club South Wales

The 17th Hole
A Short Par 3 Over a Pond

The 17th Hole is a lovely and deceptively easy short par 3 over a pond. Over hanging trees and the almost inevitable winds add a bit of spice to the hole.
This hole has been the end of many a good round.

White Tee
127 yds
Par 3
Stroke Index 14

Yellow Tee
126 yds
Par 3
Stroke Index 14

Red Tee
124 yds
Par 4
Stroke Index 14

PGA Professional Leon warne Says ...

"Our signature par 3, although a short par 3, comes with the added spice of carrying over water. As well as the deceptive winds that can put your good scorecard in jeopardy. The over hanging oak can sometimes be a help or a hinderance. Once again distance control is key to success."

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17th Hole last updated 9 Feb 2021

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