8th Hole
Pontypool Golf Course South Wales

The 8th Hole
A Downhill Tricky Par 3

The 8th Hole requires a very accurate medium to long iron to a small green protected by a bunker either side of the green, and another bunker short of the green in the middle to catch mishit short shots.  Trees and rough either side add to the difficulty.

White Tee
216 yds
Par 3
Stroke Index 11

Yellow Tee
203 yds
Par 3
Stroke Index 11

Red Tee
160 yds
Par 3
Stroke Index 17

PGA Professional Leon Warne Says ...

"A long challenging par 3. This can play anything from an 8 iron to a driver depending on the wind ... and its also downhill. Front left of the green is the best place if you are going to miss this green."

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8th Hole last updated 9 Feb 2021

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