Pontypool Golf Club Membership

Our Pontypool Golf Club membership starts from £510 for the year, and runs from April to March, and Junior membership is normally £25 per year. But starting as from April 1st 2020, the children and grandchildren (up to the age of 14 years) of full playing Pontypool GC members will be entitled to free Junior Membership.

New Membership Offer from November 1st 2021 to April 1st 2022

The following age groups are eligible for the new members offer below . 

Age 19 to 25  -  £139.00

Age 26 to 30  -  £160.00

Age 31 +  -  £231.00

Lockers, trolley storage, and parking for members buggies is available at a fee, providing there are free spaces.

Buggies and pull trolleys are available at members rates for rental form the Proshop.

If you would like to join or would like some information on the benefits of being a member then please call our Manager on 01495 763655 option 1, Professional option 2, or use our Contact Form to contact us.

About Pontypool Golf Club submitted by Graham Taylor

"I enjoyed being a member of Pontypool Golf Club for many years in the 80s and 90s, enjoying the course and its unique fairways and holes, especially the 19th hole.

Pontypool Golf club is a sleeping giant, as is Pontypool town, and as is now Pontypool RFC.
We need a new vision for all the above so that they will be here in another 100 years.

I am re-joining Pontypool Golf Club, with my daughter, to enjoy that great feeling you have at Pontypool Golf Club, especially the 19th hole."

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Page last updated 8th March 2021

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