Club Notices

Dress Code Policy & Etiquette
The Board are keen to embrace change and promote the club and course as a family-friendly venue where members and visitors can enjoy playing the course and relax in a more informal atmosphere. The changes below reflect Pontypool Golf Club's modern approach to golf.

On The Course
Permitted - Polo Shirts and Round Turtle-Neck Shirts. Tailored Shorts and Plain Cargo Shorts (Not below knee length). Plain Matching Socks (Including Trainer Socks).
Not Permitted - Shirts with Large Advertisements/Logos. Rugby or Football Shirts. Camouflage Shorts. Crop Trousers ​ .

In The Club House
Private Functions - No Dress Code or Restrictions.
Club Functions - As determined by the Function.
Member's Bar - Tailored Jeans (Single-Coloured). Collared Shirts. Polo Shirts. Square shirts worn outside trousers. Appropriate Clean & Tidy Footwear.
Not Permitted
Ripped or Bleach-Coloured Jeans. Rugby or Football Shirts. Emblazoned T-Shirts.
Tailed shirts worn outside trousers. No Beachwear. ​

Members' guests & visitors are expected to have good golf course etiquette and repair all divots and pitch marks on the greens.
Golfers must also smooth over marks in bunkers.
Golfers may not share golf bags or clubs.
Golfers shall always observe the requests from staff in relation to speed of play.
The club reserves the right to remove any individual from the course who persistently fails to observe the rules of golf etiquette or directions from the staff. ​

Wireless Communication Devices (WCDs)
We recognise that in today’s environment wireless communication devices are necessary to both personal and business lives. WCDs must be set in silent/vibrate mode and any use of WCDs must not detract from other members' and guests' enjoyment of the Golf Course and Clubhouse.
Do consider others when making audible use of mobile phones and wireless devices. ​

The club does not accept responsibility for loss of property.
Please be aware that each player has a liability of safeguarding the surrounding property.
Should any damage or injury occur as a result of players' negligence then they will be held responsible for such damage or injury.