PGA Professional Leon Warne

PGA Golf Professional Leon Warne's sole mission is to be your complete golf solution. He has over 27 years of coaching experience and during that time he has experienced clients with very different swings, different bodies, and different personalities.

He has a proven track record in coaching golfers of all levels to improve and achieve their goals, and he has always been able to deliver results for each. Leon says "Teaching was never a job, but a life long passion".

Leon explains why he believes he can offer you faster results and more lasting improvement than anyone else.

  1. In 2020 clients of the Leon Warne Golf Academy coaching programmes on average cut their handicaps by an impressive 35%.
  2. My Golf Coaching is guaranteed to improve your game or your money back.
  3. We will design a customised programme that suits your needs and will work closely with you to achieve your golfing goals.
  4. We use all the latest video technology V1 golf analysis, Hudl video technology this allows us to show our students their mistakes so we can quickly, easily and visually correct them delivering faster results.
  5. We have great facilities including a purpose-built indoor swing room with the superb GC2 Golf Simulator as well as short game areas and large practice area including grass tees. So whatever the weather you will be able to improve your golf in a great environment.
  6. You have the opportunity to video your swing, bunker play and putting and send me these via the Hudl technique video for a FREE analysis of what you are doing with the improvements that need to be made, we normally charge non-clients £20 for this.
  7. We provide a first-class follow-up service detailing the before and after improvements with a video of the step by step drills to make those improvements.
  8. Our shop has the latest top quality golf equipment which can be custom fitted to you.

Custom Fitting by a PGA Golf Professional

PGA trained fitters have the most advanced tools and technologies available to analyse your swing and give a full assessment of your player profile to determine the clubs that will help you improve.

  • Comprehensive understanding of ball flight
  • Extensive knowledge of shaft and head technology
  • Expert insight in to swing mechanics

Having over 27 years of experience with clients including elite amateurs and professional golfers, our PGA Golf Professional Leon Warne is eminently qualified to fit your clubs.

Whether you are looking for a new shirt, a driver, a set of clubs, shoes or a better golf swing, I can provide the solution, along with the very best in customer service.

Leon Warne